LD Purification Systems

LD purification systems Ltd was established in 2003. The company is operationg in three main areas: 

  • Installation of mechanical equipment for wastewater treatment institions
  • Manufacturing facilities and automatic machines for wastewater treatment
  • Providing maintenance and repair services at wastewater treatment plants and pumping stations.

LD purification systems has specialized in the installation of mechanical equipment for sewage treatment institutions: pre-treatment, settling basins, basins ventilation, pumps, mixers, closures and sludge treatment equipment.

All projects are carried out by our employees without the use of subcontractors. In this way LD maintains high level of accurate performance and quality products while meeting all required timetables.

LD purification systems has developed expertise in the field of designing and manufacturing of mechanical Bar screens, Clarifiers,

Compactors, filtering baskets, conveyors belts, ventilation systems and sewage treatment facilities … all of these according to specific customer needs.

LD purification systems factory is located in the middle of the country at Cochav Yair's Industrial Area. The plant is equipped with all the necessary equipment for our products production process: Belt Saw, 500 amp three-phase welder, milling, Lathe, magnetic drills, blowtorch, forklift and much more. Planning and installations carried out by the company using the engineering software "solidworks".

Amongst Our clients you will find Mekorot (The Israeli National Water Agency), Rafael, Electra, Elco, Shaham, Lesico, GES, Agami, Adige, AqWise, G.A Engineers, Valley Water, Palgey Maim …
All leading water and sewage companies of  cities and municipalities such as Tel Aviv, Ra'anana, Hod Hasharon, Kfar Saba, Rechovot, Bat Yam, Ashdod and other local authorities throughout Israel.

LD Systems

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