Double Screw Compactor

A double snail Screw Compactor is a new product developed by LD Systems. The double compactor is able to receive the dump from 2 Back Rakes, saves space in small stations and eliminates the need to use a conveyor belt to transport the dump between the Rakes and the compressor. Our double compactor significantly reduces the volume of the dump by 60% to 70%.

דחסן גבבה חלזוני כפול
דחסן גבבה כפול

Double Screw Compactor -
principle of operation

A double snail manure compactor is a unique device designed to help us reduce the amount of sewage in treatment plants. Its hump capacity is 3 cc and it manages to reduce the volume of the hump significantly

Double Screw Compactor -
Operation mode

The compressor motor is automatically activated when the back-up operation is completed. When the backing ends what the ascent, the waste falls to the conveyor belt and from there to the compressor. The snail leads the waste to the special compression tube where 3 actions occurs: waste is being washed, compressed and pressed. Liquids flow out through special holes in the pressing pipe and are being drained through a 3″ diameter at the bottom of the basin which prevents the possibility of blockages. 

The pressure from the snail, only then can the foreign body be removed and the compressor returned to the "automatic" position and to continue normal and continuous activity. Our tin Compactor leads the waste into a compression tube where 3 operations are being carried out: waste is being washed, compressed and pressed. Liquids flow out through special holes in the pressing pipe and are being drained through a 3″ diameter at the bottom of the basin.
The compressed Sludge is driven upward through an exit hole of 10″ diameter. At the exit funnel there is a top cover for easy cleaning and blockage removal if necessary.

דחסן גבבה חלזוני כפול
דחסן גבבה חלזוני כפול

Double Screw Compactor - Advantages

  • Very efficient and saves space in small stations
  • Extremely strong with high abrasion resistance
  • Large outdoor trough that allows easy access to all parts of the compactor
  • Easily handles large amounts of hump (after rain events or sewer system malfunctions)
  • Snail with a special anti-abrasion coating
  • Made in Israel!
  • All spare parts are available in stock
  • Flexibility in design and building materials
  • Skilled service teams 24 / 7

Double Compactor - design requirements

Dimensions of the mop (width and height of the funnel) Distance and height required to remove the muck from the compactor according to the location and type of muck collection container.

Double Screw Compactor - technical specifications

  • Length – 3000 mm
  • Width – 500 mm
  • Compactor length – 2000 mm
  • Compactor diameter – 200 mm

Double Screw Compactor - Materials

  • Compactor – Carbon steel with anti-abrasion hard coating
  • Basin + Body – Stainless Steel 304/316
  • Compression Tube – Stainless Steel 304/316 with strong abrasion tracks
  • Exit Pipe – 10″/12" Stainless Steel 304/316
  • The Bearing House – Carbon steel bearing reinforced structure with double rollers
  • Screws, Bolts and related accessories – Stainless Steel 304/316
  • Drive system – double helix spindle hollow gear delivery ratio 1: 280
  • Motor 3 Phase 1.5 kw , I.P 55
  • Flushing system – an 1/2″ electric faucet including a flushing pipe Stainless Steel 316

Screw Compactor Maintenance

  • Weekly Service General inspection, Wash the Basin
  •  Monthly Service – Grease rear bearing
  • Transmission is filled with a synthetic oil gear
  • First oil change after 5 year
  • Synthetic oil Viscosity VG 320
Double Screw Compactor
L.D. Systems

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