Stones Basket

Stones basket is an automatic filtration device developed by L.D. Systems for separating and removing the stones that come with the effluent to the pumping station. The basket is placed under the sewage inlet pipe or in a socket built in the sewage channel so that the stones are collected inside the basket and do not continue with the flow. By removing the stones we can avoid faults in the mechanical systems and avoid blockages and damage to the pumps.

Stone Basket

Stones Basket

Principles of Operation

A stones basket is simply a basket for automatic collection of funnel stones. Its purpose is to prevent stones from entering the sewage pumping station

The basket standing point is under the sewage inlet pipe, where the basket waits to absorb the stones. In this position the top lid is closed. When you want to lift the basket, open the lid manually. When the control switches are switched to "automatic" and "on" mode, the basket goes up automatically. The basket stops at the point of ejaculation and the stones fall into the evacuation tank. Make sure all the stones fall into the tank. Move the command selector to "drop" mode and the basket goes down and stops at the waiting point. Close the top lid back until the next cleaning cycle

Stones Basket - propulsion system

Double helical gearbox 70/130 hollow shaft gear ratio 1: 280 with brake motor, three-phases, I.P 55 1.5 hp. VG 320

Stones Basket - Technical Specifications


Outside width – 1010 mm
Basket volume – 400 liters
Installation depth – according to the design data
Filter spacing – round hole 15-20 mm

Construction materials

Rails – Stainless Steel 304 *
Top frame and supports –
Stainless Steel 304 *
Basket Assembly –
Stainless Steel 304 *
Funnel, Rear Tin –
Stainless Steel 304 *
 Screws, Bolts and related accessories – Stainless Steel 304 *
Propulsion axis –
Stainless Steel 416 Skates *
Slides – TEACAMID 66 + molybdenum *
l2 level cables – Stainless Steel 316 – 10 mm diameter *

Stone Basket

Stones Basket - Control Panel

In "automatic" mode, the control selector is moved to "up" mode, the basket goes up and stops automatically. In "down" mode, the basket goes down and stops automatically. In Manual mode – move the mode switch to "Up" by pressing the "Up" button, causes the basket to go up. Move the switch to "Down" mode by pressing the "Down" button, causes the basket to go down. Even in manual control the basket will stop automatically by the proximity switches at the end of the descent or ascent move

Stones Basket - Command System

I.P 65 armored polyester electrical panel with double door including all the command accessories necessary for the operation of the facility. Inspirational proximity circuit breakers 30 mm diameter waterproof IP67

Stones Basket - Maintenance Instructions

Weekly care – general inspection, rinsing the basket and removing the backbone and rags from the basket, lifting cables and the funnel
Monthly care – Grease rails and cables

Mid year Treatment – Reinforce all bolts, check cables, grease system bearings, wiper, funnel, and axis

Check transmission fluid gear
Transmission is filled with a synthetic oil gear
First oil change after 5 years
Synthetic oil Viscosity VG 320

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